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Arizona Solar & Turbine [AST] distributes budget solar and turbine systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The benefits of alternative energy include: 1) protection of the environment, 2) relief of the main power grid strain and existing excess consumption and 3)reduction of the potential of brownouts and blackouts.

Cost being of concern to consumers, AST retails Solar Panels, Complete Systems, Turbine Systems and Hybrid Systems at the best, lowest prices possible.

Residential installations are of paramount importance to homeowners and AST.  In many cases installations can be done by the homeowner with some amount of skill.

Note: If installed by the homeowner, we highly suggest you retain a certified electrician to check and sign off all of the electrical connections; this will provide added security and peace of mind and depending on your location should satisfy any and all city and county code and licensing regulations.

We are all for ‘BUY AMERICAN’. Unfortunately, cost of production makes US manufactured Solar Panels very expensive. This is validated by the 35%-50% import tariff applied to import costs. AST’s purpose is to provide as many people as possible budget based alternative energy options.

Every day the public becomes more afraid of the electrical grid breaking down and all of the panic and problems that arise from that. The more people that install alternative energy and become energy independent (no matter which form they use,) the more relief of the strain on ‘the grid.’  The benefits of low-or no cost power generation will also help with a family budget.

Money can be applied to many areas of your life including vacations, paying off credit cards, a little more time out ‘on the town’, a more comfortable retirement or to apply it to your children’s college fund.

We all need extra money in the event of emergencies and a rainy day fund is always a good thing you can fall back on.

 An issue that has been debated is whether or not it adds value to your house. It depends on who you ask - that is why we focus more on the immediate benefits of cost savings. This is something each individual must determine for themselves. Of course you can always have ‘bragging rights’ from your installation and the satisfaction of doing your part to help reduce your carbon footprint.

It is the focus of AST to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of alternative energy.

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