Alternative Energy Grants

The government, federal, state and many local, have incentives to go solar, wind or hybrid.  HYBRID is where you have a combination of panel and wind turbine systems, rural areas-off grid-are likely candidates for hybrid.

You will need to check with local authorities to find out about what is available in your area. Included in this website are links to all federal and many state grants. They will not distribute grants until you show them receipts that you have actually installed. Of course this means you need to pay for it first. If I may make a suggestion, and it is only a suggestion. If you bank with a reputable bank or credit union and you don’t have the ready cash, use them. If you are not a credit union member, then join one. They are probably the best option you have.

Submit the invoices to get the grants and enjoy the savings. Another suggestion if you really want satisfaction, since most utility companies are now charging a ‘grid access fee’ for solar users, I know of homeowners that are installing 100% +10%. Reason being, the utility companies need to pay you the difference. This effectively will cover the ‘grid fee’ and depending how you use your new ‘residential power company…you’ you would probably be getting a check FROM the utility you have been subsidizing all these years.

As mentioned earlier, the more people that go solar, the less strain on the ‘grid’. You will never need to worry about blackouts and brownouts anymore. During a disaster, you will always have power. Go ahead, ask your neighbors over while their power is out. You’ll never know how smart they think you are until you throw a party during a power outage.


There are many, many government grants in the ‘system’ for education. There is one school that had a commercial monthly utility bill for over $6,000. Now, with solar panels on their parking overhangs, the utility company is ‘paying’ the school district $4,000 per month. A $10,000 swing. NOW THAT IS SMART.