AST can supply commercial solar panel array systems from 50 KW up to 500 KW and if needed, up to 5 MW and HATW units up to 2.5 MW. We resell systems currently operating and generating that are being replaced by larger units for about $0.20 on the dollar.

A 1 MW GE unit for €45,000, [$60,000] US was available recently. Added costs would include approx. $10-$20,000  for disassembly and freight charges to the destination + installation fees. On the other hand a brand new unit would run between $1.2M-$1.5M.

Forward thinking businessmen will be buying a few of these units to sell power to utility companies. Contact your utility companies to see how much can be earned. This can become, in essence, an annuity with low maintenance costs and will produce excellent revenue. The US Windmap is available online to review.