Many companies are offering ‘emergency solar power systems’ for ‘ONLY’ $1,995 with free shipping. These range in 80-120 watt systems. These are fine systems if you just want to keep your TV on OR maybe your freezer operating.

AST offers 200 watt folding systems that are simple to set up, take up little space in storage and cost $1,095. We don’t offer free shipping because we don’t feel a person living in the same city should pay the same price as someone who lives halfway around the world.

UPS, FedEX have reasonable shipping charges that can run in the $30-$50 range. We have systems up to 300 watts so you can pretty much operate your house as close to normal as possible.

The unique part of these folding systems is that they can be used for camping as well. Just fold it up put it in the truck, camper, trailer or motorhome and be ‘totally’ self contained. Also think about plugging it into your house meter and save money on a daily basis