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Recreational Vehicles. If you were to install ½” flexible solar panels to the roof of motorhomes and trailers, you could prolong your nighttime activities. Suggest you install 1 or 2 extra batteries in the RV and connect them in parallel so you can enjoy your evenings more and not drain the vehicles main battery. You could even have a bigger TV without worry and keep your adult beverages cold in the refrigerator, read a longer novel or listen to music all night. The big reason you want accessory batteries is because the reason a lot of owners need to replace their vehicles batteries is because of the constant charge/discharge cycles. Vehicle owners will find their main batteries will last longer.

Another idea is that since a 40’ motorhome/5th wheel trailer can install up to 3,000 watts is that, when the unit is parked, such as next to the garage, and not currently used, it can have a connection directly to the home’s power supply and supplement the power consumption used by the house lowering the grid utility use, saving money on the owners utility bills. These panels are less than ½” thick so only you will know you are SOLAR POWERED. Why not? They’re still generating electricity even when parked.

Golf Carts. It may sound strange but think about it. The vast majority of golf carts are ELECTRIC. We can put 2, 120 watt panels [total 240 watts] on the roof of the cart, held down by simple ½” bolts, nuts and washers. If you can’t see over the top of the cart the only way you know is with the ½” bolts on the underside. Benefits are obvious. The utility costs for the golf course/Country Club go down immediately.

Another benefit, Golf carts are designed to go 27 holes…maybe a few more, then back to the cart barn to recharge. Imagine being the manager and knowing you can expect 54 holes of golf a day without taking the time to charge? Whenever the sun is out, or even on cloudy days, the cart is charging. They can be used for evening functions as well.

Something most cart owners are not aware of is the reason cart batteries last only 2-3 years at best is because of constant charge/discharge cycles that weaken the plates in the batteries. As you’re playing golf-in the sun-you are constantly charging the battery, less wear on the batteries. In addition, even when night falls and you need to use the vehicle, you have a fully charged vehicle. Maybe even outfit it with headlights.

Installation is simple. Simply snake the power lead down though the roof rear frame, and attach inside the battery box in parallel to the electrical connection. Yes, it is that simple. The installation is that simple. Imagine not needing to connect it to the charger at night. During electrical outages, you still have transportation without distance limitations.


Electric Vehicles. WHY did you buy them? To do your part to save the environment, right? Admit it, part of the reason you did it was for the grants you get from the government. Its’ all OK. If the incentive is there, take advantage-that’s WHY they are there. If your house is solar equipped, CONGRATULATIONS, you are TOTALLY environmentally conscious.