The major benefit of turbines is the fact they operate continually. Anytime there is a breeze, they generate power. We have both Vertical and Horizontal Turbines.  For most residential,  Vertical Turbines, [VAWT] are preferred because they don’t require the height of standard Horizontal Turbines, [HAWT].

In residential areas with height restrictions that is a necessity. You can have a 5 KW wind turbine that won’t be higher than 30’.  Of course, the higher the pole, the more the wind. They also do not need any guy wires to brace them.  This is because they rotate on a static axis. They are extremely stable and the more the wind, the more the energy generation.

Many are rated, but many also can provide 20% more power than listed. They are easily installed and many are ‘mag/lev’ which means rather than bearings that may-in time-need to be replaced, they act like the high speed trains that use magnetism to lift them. The beauty of it is you never need bearings or bushings and they will last forever. Also a ‘maglev’ turbine will turn more efficiently in very low winds.

Included on the website are wind charts and their proposed power output. We have VAWT residential units that can be applied up to 20 KW so they can be applied to residential systems for continual power generation... as long as the wind blows. What time do they turn the wind OFF where you live?